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Massage with pearls
Female circle
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What is Aura-Soma?

Aura-Soma is practice based on the energy of crystals, plants and flowers. It first appeared in the Great Britain, as a diagnostics tool and a powerful therapy method.
In its core are the liquids called equilibriums, which are used to treat and care for our physical bodies and fine structures. There are also pomander (25 ml), quintessence (25 ml) and sprays (100 ml), which are used for emotional states correction for both individuals and groups.
The practice brings balance into energy system and order into your body, mind, soul and your relations with the world.
What is Aura-Soma for?
Equillibriums help to
neutralize aggression;
improve sleep quality;
mitigate depression;
facilitate creativity;
level-down the tension;
understand the origins of emotions;
work out the subconscious settings, that influence your life;
realize real spiritual aspirations and wishes.
1. Your articulate your inquiry.
2. Your choose 4 equilibrium bottles.
3. We go together through your conscious and subconscious processes, psychosomatic condition, work out where your growth zones.
4. After consultation is over you take one bottle with you to apply it into your own personal process of self-healing.
Consultation's flow
Aura-Soma consultation

What is Tarot reading?

A beautiful practice for people seeking healing? Or a precise instrument for a phycological analysis and forecasting?

For me Tarot is the system of human archetypes. Our paths are bound on a very deep level, and every soul and every person in his or her life is undergoing the same cycles. This global system of synchronized cycles makes it possible on a single Tarot spread to understand where exactly in the life maze you are right now.

- Should a person unfamiliar with any sort of divination practices turn to the Tarot?
- Definitely, yes. As Tarot is the instrument of self-knowledge and self-analysis in the first place. And the consultation will help you to tune in for positive changes while eliminating unnecessary prejudices.
to take a broader look on all the spheres of your life;
to determine premises of every process;
to foretell possible consequences of your life choices;
to distinguish basic archetypes;
to better understand your strengths;
to define the potential growth zones;
to analyze your current relationships.
My consultation will help you:
The consultation

What is Bach flower therapy?

Dr. Bach method is basing on the idea that there are multiple energy channels going through a human body. The practice is meant to bring balance into the channels. The energy of flowers help to open certain channels and bring positive changes. The remedies are not the cure for all deceases, but they tune our bodies from the inside, filling us with the energy of wellbeing.
Bach flowers system was first established by doctor Edward Bach in 1930s. The main idea is using plant essences for a therapeutic effect. Every one of 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is dealing for a specific emotion or a negative state, such as anxiety, fear, panic, constant or very persistent negative thought.

How does the Bach method work?
The remedies help to
lessen the stress;
decrease the aggression level;
eliminate negative emotions;
improve physical condition;
develop strong will;
improve the quality of sleep;
to improve motivation.
Chakra massage
is a ritual that helps to reconstruct and reinforce the personality on various levels. In my practice I use herb teas, mantras, Rapé, fragrances, singing bowls and a tambourine. These are all instruments for bringing in the process of a big Mysteria, which influences not only the physical body, but the emotional state of a person.
General massage
Face massage
Massage with pearls
General massage is a massage of the whole body. It is performed from feet to a head, covering the back and front of the body. The session starts with the procedure of feet cleansing with application of Aura-Soma essences. Every session is held according to your inquiry and individual specifics.
There are 2 types of Face massage: standard and massage with pearl shell.

Performed on the back, upper body and head. Includes breathing practices and affirmations (positive verbal forms).
Massage session is accompanied by the customized music with the healing effect. The ceremony starts with crystal bowls and ends with the melodical bell ringing, the Sound of Wind.
Massage with pearls is similar to the general massage. The only difference in the usage of pearl strings for working muscles. This procedure is performed with Aura-Soma oils to maximize the effect.
Pearl massage is performed on the back, neck, face and front upper body.
Session starts with washing of feet, which helps to open up the whole body.
pain in the muscles.
menstrual irregularities;
chronical insomnia;
relaxation and recovery;
harmonization of the energy of the Moon and Venus;
reinforcing female energy;
filling the body with calm and warm feeling.
beneficial for the skin;
stimulate different organs through their projections on the face;
improve emotional state.

Used in the practice:
7 chakra equilibriums that are beneficial for chakra centers;
7 Aura-Soma pomanders that complement equilibriums and influence subtle bodies of a person, including emotional body. Their unique fragrances help to open the chakras;
7 basic chakra crystals and any other power stones of your choice.

What is Female Circle?

Female Circle is a unique from of organization of female gatherings.

Women used to gather together to exchange wisdom and energy, reveal their true nature, discuss concerns, share stories and just to enjoy the safe and understanding surrounding.

There are many practices that can be done within a Female Circle, but they all have its aim in creating the atmosphere of love, understanding and mutual support.

general meditation;
practice with the intention bowl;
chakra breathing;
Rapeh ceremony;
singing bowl healing;
bath, salt scrubs, floating in the pool (in case the Circle is held in banya);
thanksgiving practice.

What practices are included?